Rafael Pérez y Pérez

DPhil. in Artificial Intelligence



My research focuses on Computational Explorations of Creativity, particularly in narrative generation.

I divide computational creativity in three areas:
Artificial Creativity: Computer models of creativity based on AI techniques.
Cognitive Creativity: Computer models of creativity based on cognitive models.
Systems to support human creativity.

I am interested in developing artificial and cognitive creativity employing the engagement-reflection computer model. You can find details of our projects here.

I am the leader of the Interdisciplinary Group on Computational Creativity




This video provides a general introduction to MEXICA, a computer program for narrative generation. It is divided in five chapters:

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Dictionary of Story- Actions and the File of Previous Stories

Chapter 3: Building the Knowledge Structures

Chapter 4: Generation of Narratives

Chapter 5: An Example of how a Narrative is Generated

You can download the slides: How_MEXICA_works_in5Chaps

Generación Automática de Narrativas (3 capítulos)

Este video describe diferentes aproximaciones a la generación automática de narrativas
(Automatic Generation of Narratives
This video describes different approaches to automatic narrative generation).
Chaper 1: Aplicaciones comerciales
Chapter 2: Desarrollos tecnológicos
Chapter 3: Investigación básica


MABLE project

We presented and performed at ICCC17 a song composed (lyrics and melody) by computers. See Maya and Rafael performing.


An interview (in Spanish) by CONACyT about my work
Entrevista de la agencia informativa del CONACyT sobre mi trabajo