Rafael Pérez y Pérez

DPhil. in Artificial Intelligence



My research focuses on Computational Explorations of Creativity, particularly in narrative generation.

I divide computational creativity in three areas:
Artificial Creativity: Computer models of creativity based on AI techniques.
Cognitive Creativity: Computer models of creativity based on cognitive models.
Systems to support human creativity.

I am interested in developing artificial and cognitive creativity employing the engagement-reflection computer model. You can find details of our projects here.

I am the leader of the Interdisciplinary Group on Computational Creativity




This video provides a general introduction to MEXICA, a computer program for narrative generation. It is divided in five chapters:

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Dictionary of Story- Actions and the File of Previous Stories

Chapter 3: Building the Knowledge Structures

Chapter 4: Generation of Narratives

Chapter 5: An Example of how a Narrative is Generated

You can download the slides: How_MEXICA_works_in5Chaps

Generación Automática de Narrativas (3 capítulos)

Este video describe diferentes aproximaciones a la generación automática de narrativas
(Automatic Generation of Narratives
This video describes different approaches to automatic narrative generation).
Chaper 1: Aplicaciones comerciales
Chapter 2: Desarrollos tecnológicos
Chapter 3: Investigación básica


MABLE project

We presented and performed at ICCC17 a song composed (lyrics and melody) by computers. See Maya and Rafael performing.


Presentation of MEXICA 20 years – 20 stories [ 20 años – 20 historias] in the International Book Fair (FIL Guadalajara) 2018

An interview (in Spanish) by CONACyT about my work
Entrevista de la agencia informativa del CONACyT sobre mi trabajo